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Squirrel Facts

The grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) is an animal that originally came from North-East America, and was first recorded in this country in the 1820s although they were not released in the wild until 1876.

Length of the head and body of the squirrel are 25cm with the tail adding an additional 20cm. They moult twice a year. The winter coat is grey, with a yellowish brown mid dorsal stripe.In summer, the coat takes on a more reddish tinge especially on the sides.The tail is grey and has lighter colour tinges.

Grey squirrels have very good eyesight, even in dim light and have a well-developed sense of smell and hearing. Their weight ranges from 300-700 Grams, and in natural surroundings they can live 7-8 years.

Where and how do squirrel live?

squirrels prefer to live in woodland, parks, and gardens, but can and sometimes do invade houses if the opportunity is available.

squirrels diet mainly consists of nuts and seeds, flowers, buds of trees, pine cones. squirrels will however also eat animal food items such as bird's eggs, nestlings, and frogs. The majority of the squirrels diet in urban areas comes from food put out for birds, or deliberately put out for them.