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* wasps are commonly found in the UK. If you are having problems in the uk, West Sussex, East Sussex or surrey, get Number 1 Wasp Control to attend to your problem.
* The queens hibernate during the winter, in buildings or under the bark of trees. It is rare we get calls throughout the winter months regarding wasps however we still do wasp control in the winter.
* In spring the queens look for nesting sites such a hole in the ground, a hollow tree or in spaces within the eaves of a building, lofts, attics and garden sheds, etc. Spring can be a prime to for wasp control so get Number 1 Wasp control to attend your problem.
* The queen will build her nest with a papery material that she makes by chewing small pieces of wood mixed with saliva.
* In the nest she will raise a few workers and these will start to enlarge the nest and help to rear the next generation of wasps. Nest construction starts in earnest in June and will usually reach it's maximum in size in September.If you find a large nest get Number 1 pest control to get rid of your problem.
* Worker wasps will look for food up to 400 metres from the nest. Workers feed mainly on sugary materials such as nectar.
* The size of wasps colonies will vary from year to year, but at its maximum nests may contain between 5 - 10,000 wasps. Regardless of the size, Number 1 wasp control will always be able to help with your wasp control problem
* In the Autumn, the young queens mate and leave the nest to hibernate.

wasp stings

Individuals react differently to being stung by wasps; some are hardly affected, others suffer considerable pain and swelling. A few people are seriously allergic to wasp stings and in some cases it can result in sudden death due to anaphylactic shock. So if you need to eliminate your wasp problem, Contact Number 1 Wasp Control today.

The pain of the wasp sting is caused by a toxic fluid containing a complex protein, which is injected through the needle like sting as it penetrates the victim. If you get stung by a wasp and are having problems with a wasp nest call Number 1 Wasp control to eliminate your problem.
* If it is not possible to leave a wasps nest, the most effective strategy is to locate and destroy the nest.So call Number 1 Wasp control to do this.
* If you decide to destroy the nest yourself, treatment should be carried out early or late in the day when wasp activity is at a minimum. Most hardware shops and garden centres will sell insecticidal sprays and powders for the treatment of wasps, but care must be taken to follow the instructions on the label.
* Most importantly if you decide to treat for wasps yourself make sure that you are well protected against wasp stings and have safe access to and from the nest location. However we recommend calling Number 1 Wasp Control.
*number 1 Wasp control would use Insecticides to cover the entrance to the nest so that returning wasps will carry it into the heart of the nest. Within a few hours all wasps should be dead.

Number 1 Wasp control aim to sort your pest problems weather they be rats/ mice/ squirrels/ rabbits/ pigeons/ foxs/ wasps/ bees. In West Sussex, Surrey and East Sussex