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Grey squirrel

The grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) is an animal that originally came from North-East America, and was first recorded in this country in the 1820s although they were not released in the wild until 1876. Number 1 Pest, Squirrel Control deal with any types of grey squirrel.

Length of the head and body of the squirrel are 25cm with the tail adding an additional 20cm. They moult twice a year. The winter coat is grey, with a yellowish brown mid dorsal stripe.In summer, the coat takes on a more reddish tinge especially on the sides.The tail is grey and has lighter colour tinges. Number 1 Pest Control deal with any squirrel regardless of its size.

Grey squirrels have very good eyesight, even in dim light and have a well-developed sense of smell and hearing. Their weight ranges from 300-700 Grams, and in natural surroundings they can live 7-8 years. Pest Control Squirrels is one of Number 1 Pest Control Specialist areas, so any pest control problems regarding squirrels please contact Number 1 Pest Control.

Where and how do squirrel live?

Squirrels prefer to live in woodland, parks, and gardens, but can and sometimes do invade houses if the opportunity is available. Number 1 Pest Control can attend to any problem with squirrels In any area.

squirrels diet mainly consists of nuts and seeds, flowers, buds of trees, pine cones. squirrels will however also eat animal food items such as bird's eggs, nestlings, and frogs. The majority of the squirrels diet in urban areas comes from food put out for birds, or deliberately put out for them. So if you need Number 1 Squirrel Control to attend your property call Number 1 Pest Control today.

Why are squirrels a problem?

In urban environments squirrels are mainly a problem because they have found access to, and are using a loft or attic area to nest in. No matter where your squirrels are we can give you excellent squirrel control service.

Apart from the noise, which is usually at it's worst in the very early morning the squirrel must continually gnaw to keep their teeth (incisors) down. If nesting inside, squirrels could gnaw the timbers in your roof space or loft, but may also chew through electrical cabling, causing inconvenience and a potential fire hazard.

How do squirrels breed?

Grey squirrels have two breeding seasons per year, and most breeding occurs in December-February, May-June of each year.

Females can have two litters per year one from each breeding season. Average litter sizes range from 2-3 individuals; the winter litter is generally smaller than the summer litter. Squirrels can multiply extremley quickly so contact Number 1 Squirrel Control to get rid of them now.

Female Grey squirrels do not usually produce young until they are approximately 15 months old, whilst the male becomes sexually active at 10-11 months.

What can I do to prevent squirrels entering my home?

Where grey squirrels enter roof spaces the best control method is proofing, for example, by blocking gaps and holes with tightly wedged wire netting (e.g. at eaves and soffit board level). If you find squirrels in any of these places call Number 1 Squirrel control to attend your pest control problem.

Lopping tree branches within 4-5 metres of roof spaces will also help prevent squirrels entering roof spaces, as they are able to jump up to 3 metres from tree to tree. A metal sleeve may protect mature trees.

How can I get rid of squirrels?

Grey squirrels can be caught in baited cage traps throughout the year, both indoors and in the open.

Number 1 Pest Control abide by these ruels.

Any trapped grey squirrel must then be destroyed in a humane manner, as current legislation does not allow grey squirrels to be released back into the wild (Destructive Imported Animals Act 1932 and Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981). Call Number 1 pest control to get rid of your squirrel problem.

Other methods may be used to do grey squirrel control, such as shooting, dray poking, spring traps and poison baiting at certain times of the year, but in these instances a professional contractor should be employed.

Number 1 Pest Control aim to sort your pest problems weather they be rats/ mice/ squirrels/ rabbits/ pigeons/ foxs/ wasps/ bees. In West Sussex, Surrey and East Sussex.

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