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We Offer Free Rabbit Control Over Farms For Farmers Whether What Ever Your Rabbit Problems We Can Sort For You.

In fact the name 'rabbit' was originally only applied to a young rabbit with an adult being called a 'cony' . The rabbit was introduced from France in the 12th century. The rabbit was protected for hundreds of years by landowners who valued it for its meat, and poaching was severely punished with even deportation.It became the most familiar wild animal of the British countryside and also one of the most destructive agricultural pests

number 1 pest control would use cage traps to control your rabbit problem or lamping with a .22 rifle is very afective on open land like a golf corse.


Size and weight; The rabbit measures about 16 inches and weighs 3 - 4 lbs. When bread for meat, it can reach 15 lb.

Description: It has a black to buff coat, white belly and a short upturned tail. The female or doe is smaller and has a narrower head than the buck or male.

Life-Span: Rabbits in the wild rarely live longer than 12 months, there is a 90% mortality rate.

Reproduction: On average a doe will produce about 10 live young/year.

Gestation Period: Approximately four weeks.

Sexual Maturity: Three to four months.

Range: An adult rabbit will rarely venture firther than 200 metres from the main burrow, but juveniles can move up to 4 kilometres at the end of the breeding season.

Damage: This is estimated to run to £100 million per annum.

Food: Will eat 500 grams a day of green food, in other words they can eat up to 30% of their own weight in grass or crops.

In West Sussex, Surrey and East Sussex