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Number 1 pest control can deal with fox problems in your garden, as we are fox control experts! We will ask you to pick a area in your garden to bait up each night with hard dog biscuits where it is safe to shoot. The best place is by a brick wall or a bank of soil to use as a back stop for the shooter.

We can provide advice and may be able to give more specific information about your fox control problem.

We can use cage traps with bait to catch and remove the foxes from your property and in some cases if safe to do so shoot them when the fox comes for bait that number 1 pest control has left out.

In a built up area a .22 rim fire or .17 hmr but if it’s a large area .243 can be used to do our fox control services.


Number One Pest Fox control is based in west sussex. When you choose Number One Pest Fox Control we can garuntee 100% Customer Satisfaction. We can go anywhere: Your House, Your Garden, Golf club, farms, football pitches and many more places. So you know, no matter what your problem Number One Pest Control can almost definitley get the job done! We use the best products available to the pest control world so you know you are getting the best service for your money! So choose Number One Pest Control for any problems in West Sussex, East Sussex and Surrey.


Fox foraging for food

For most towns and cities, the fox population reached its carrying capacity (i.e. the maximum number of animals the habitat will sustain) many years ago. Contrary to popular belief the population is stable, with no significant increases or decreases, Because foxes are so common fox control is one of Number 1 Pest Controls most experianced areas.


Are you troubled by foxes?

Foxes in an urban area can cause a range of reactions amongst residents, some loathe them others love them. Which is why you should get Number 1 Pest control to service your fox control needs.


Are urban foxes different from rural foxes?

No, they are the same species, very often the same animals.

Foxes born in London do move to other areas while other foxes living outside the city will commute into the edges to feed at night. No matter where u are contact Number 1 Pest Control to help with your fox control problem.

Urban foxes are no less healthy, smaller, more mangy or less fit than rural foxes. So number 1 pest control will have no problem attending your Fox Control Problem.

Why the foxes can’t be caught and “returned to the countryside where they belong?

There are several reasons to consider:

A widely held misconception is that foxes belong in the countryside but not in urban areas. Foxes are very adaptable animals, the same species are found in all habitats from the artic to desert regions. So if you live in a built up area and need a fox control service do not hesitate to call Number 1 Pest Control immediatley.

Another misconception people think, moving a wild animal to a new area, release it, and it will instantly settle down and live happily ever after. Nature isn't like that; releasing animals in a new area is a very tricky operation.

The territory may not be vacant, so the animal will wander widely in a strange area looking for somewhere to live. Since it does not know the area, it will not know the danger spots or best feeding sites, Meaning foxes could easily be in your backgarden, if they are call us to attend to your fox control problem. Invariably the animal will die fairly soon, it would far more humane to have killed the fox rather that dump it in a strange area.

Dumping animals like this is clearly inhumane, such action could an offence under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Number 1 Pest control obbay this law whilst carrying out they're fox control service.

Finally, many people do not want foxes released on their land because displaced foxes do not know where to hunt and they are particularly likely to cause greater problems to farmers by killing fowl.

What can I do about foxes living under my house?

This is a rare but serious problem that must be dealt with immediately. If foxes can get under houses, they will find the nice dry warm environment ideal, and often have their cubs in such situations. You should get Number 1 Pest control to do your fox control immediatley.

It occurs most commonly in older houses, which have large spaces under the floorboards, and old metal air vents to provide ventilation. If you are worried about fox problems, Number 1 pest control are happy to help you with your fox control.

The metal air vents may have rusted away, allowing the fox’s easy access. The space under the floor is divided by walls with small gaps in them to allow air to flow, and so this design allows the fox’s access underneath to the whole house.

The fox problem can be worse in the breeding season, if cubs are born under your house. At night the cubs chase each other round and round under the house, screaming at each other.

* do not to let your air vents get into a bad state of repair.

Any fox problems, or fox control needed call Number 1 Pest Control


Fox control, Fox Problems, Foxs in Garden, Fox traps, Fox control West Sussex

Do urban foxes have rabies?

No. Rabies was eliminated from this country in the early part of this century, and Britain is currently one of only a few countries without rabies. However recently few foxes have been known to be dangerous towards humans therefore Number 1 pest control can help with your fox control problems.


Will foxes kill any other of my pets?

Unlikely, providing that you take good care of your pets. Most people interviewed said that for a long while the foxes left their pets untouched even though it would have been easy for the foxes to have taken them at any time. Pet killing is most frequent in the late spring / early summer when foxes are rearing cubs. However if foxes are attacking your pets or bothering you in any way please contact Number 1 Pest Control to attend your fox control problem.

* do not leave your pets in the garden unsecured at night as foxes may attack your pets, if you are getting troubled by this make sure to get a fox control service from us immediatley.

* make sure that their hutch or shed is solidly built,

* The hutch or shed should be secure, preferably with a lock that cannot be knocked open,

* any wire on the hutch should be of strong weld mesh, securely nailed down, and not chicken wire, which foxes can bite through, Foxes can chew through lots of materials which why they are such a common pest to Number 1 Fox control.

* If you live in an area where foxes frequent your garden, it’s up to you to take simple precautions to safe guard your pets

If you're pets are being attacked by foxes please call Number 1 Pest Control to help with your fox control problem

Discourage foxes from using your garden

If you decide that the presence of foxes in your garden is genuinely unacceptable there are ways of discouraging them, although none are foolproof.



The Foxes Standard Diet

Foxes are omnivores. The diet of foxes is largely made up of invertebrates. However, it also includes rodents, rabbits and other small mammals, reptiles, (such as snakes), amphibians, scorpions, grasses, berries, fruit, fish, birds, eggs, dung beetles, insects and all other kinds of small animals. If your small animals are being bothered by foxes get a fox control service from us now. Many species are generalist predators, but some (such as the crab-eating fox) are more specialist. Most species of fox generally consume around 1 kg of food every day. Foxes cache excess food, burying it for later consumption, usually under leaves, snow, or soil. If Foxes are giving you problems then please call Number 1 Pest Control to service you in fox control.


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