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Jackdaw In Chimney


The Jackdaw (Coloeus monedula), sometimes known as the Eurasian Jackdaw, European Jackdaw or Western Jackdaw, is a passerine bird in the crow family.

Found across Europe, western Asia and North Africa, it is mostly sedentary, although northern and eastern populations migrate south in winter.

Measuring 34 centimetres in length, the Jackdaw is a black-plumaged bird with a grey nape and distinctive white irises.

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It is an omnivorous and opportunistic feeder, and eats a wide variety of plant material and invertebrates, as well as food waste from urban areas.

The crow/Jackdaw has benefited from clearing of forested areas and is found in farmland and urban areas, and there favorite place to nest is in chimneys blocking the chimney causing the fire to smoke as well as open wooded areas and coastal cliffs.Jackdaws are voluble birds.

The call, frequently given in flight, is a metallic and somewhat squeaky, "chyak-chyak" or "kak-kak". Perched birds often chatter together, and before settling for the night large roosting flocks make a cackling noise. crow/Jackdaws also have a hoarse, drawn-out alarm-call.

Removing jackdaw nest

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Number 1 pest control can come out to you and remove the crow/jackdaw nest from the chimney, we pride our selves on doing a clean job we cover the fire place with a canvas sheet and have an industreal hover 2000 watts running till the jackdaw nest removed.

Then we can put a ladder up to the top of the chimney and fit a jackdaw bird guard to the chimney pot.

Jackdaw in chimney

When jackdaws nest in chimneys they stay all year round and if you remove the nest they will rebuild it.

Jackdaw bird guards

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The jackdaws will stay on the house and try and re-nest any chimney flue that is open so fitting a bird guard on the one they nestted in is not sufficent you will need to cap or bird protect all flues .

How can I get rid of Jackdaws?

number 1 pest control can shoot them or just cap of the chimneys this will make them move next door starting a fire or clapping your hands will not work.

Jackdaws are mostly resident, but the northern and eastern populations are more migratory, relocating to wintering areas between September and November and returning between February and early May.

The Jackdaw forages in open areas and on the ground, but does take some food in trees. Rubbish tips, bins, urban streets and gardens are also visited, more often early in the morning when there are fewer people about.

Jackdaws employ various feeding methods, such as jumping, pecking, clod-turning and scattering, probing the soil, and rarely digging. Flies around cow pats are caught by jumping from the ground or at times by dropping vertically from a few metres above onto the cow pat.

Earthworms are not usually extracted from the ground by Jackdaws but are eaten from freshly ploughed soil. Compared with other corvids, the crow/Jackdaw spends more time exploring and turning over objects with its bill.

A straighter and less downturned bill, and increased binocular vision are advantageous for this foraging strategy, these are more developed in this species than other corvids.

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