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Number One Pest Control Have done lots of work in West Sussex and one of our most experianced area is Fox. Foxes attack your pets and can

The history of urban foxes

Foxes first colonized our cities in the 1930s. At that time land was cheap, and large areas of semi-detached suburbs were built in the period leading up to World War II. Foxes then colonized other, less favorable, urban areas, and are now found in all parts of London right down to the city centre. Foxes are still most abundant in parts of the city where 1930s semi-detached or detached housing exists, here foxes attain densities several times of those seen in rural areas.


Foxes are one of the most commen pests to number One Pest Control so we can garuntee we can solve any of your bee related problems.

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Any Fox Problems in West Sussex Please contact Number One Pest Control

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We also do fox control in East Sussex and Surrey.

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