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Number 1 Pest Control have been dealing with birds nest removals for over 12 years. It is one of our most specialised areas and can garuntee we can help you with any bird nest removals within your chimney. So for any problems regarding Chimney Bird nest removals or chimney blockages contact Number 1 Pest Control 

Number One Pest Control is in the heart of West sussex. We've done lots of work in West Sussex which is why we believe we are Number One Pest Control.

Number One Pest control is based in West Sussex. When you choose Number One Pest Control we can garuntee 100% Customer Satisfaction. We can go anywhere: Your House, Your Garden, Golf club, farms, football pitches and many more places. So you know, no matter what your problem Number One Pest Control can almost definitley get the job done! We use the best products available to the pest control world so you know you are getting the best service for your money! So choose Number One Pest Control for any problems in West Sussex, East Sussex and Surrey.


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