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Number One Pest Control Have done lots of work in West Sussex and one of our most experianced area is Bee's. This is because of the vast amounts of bee's continuously breeding in the UK.

* bees are commonly found in the UK.

* The queens hibernate during the winter, in buildings or under the bark of trees.

* In spring the queens look for nesting sites such a hole in the ground, a hollow tree or in spaces within the eaves of a building, lofts, attics and garden sheds, etc.

Bees are one of the most commen pests to number One Pest Control so we can garuntee we can solve any of your bee related problems.

Number One Pest control is based in west sussex. When you choose Number One Pest Control we can garuntee 100% Customer Satisfaction. We can go anywhere: Your House, Your Garden, Golf club, farms, football pitches and many more places. So you know, no matter what your problem Number One Pest Control can almost definitley get the job done! We use the best products available to the pest control world so you know you are getting the best service for your money! So choose Number One Pest Control for any problems in West Sussex, East Sussex and Surrey.

Any Bee Problems in West Sussex Please contact Number One Pest Control

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